The Smarter Way to Freelance

It amazes me how many digital freelancers who work for agencies to deliver the digital aspect of an on-pack promotion, simply disappear. The agency builds a relationship with that person, only to start again from square one when a new project with a new developer comes along. I have even seen occasions where the freelance technical contact has left in the middle of the project, due to a more attractive position becoming available elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when using a freelancer opposed to investing in a whole new team makes sense. But how about engaging a permanent team to support you on a freelance basis? By this we mean a full digital team at your disposal, including a project manager, designer and developer who are there from start to finish, promotion after promotion.

Vanilla Active supplies the promotional marketing industry with such a team. We have been building promotions for over 8 years, including digital scratch cards, magic moments, instant win mechanics, loyalty schemes and surveys. From code generation, design and implementation to comprehensive reporting and analysis, we deliver sophisticated digital solutions with security at the forefront.

Got an on-pack promotion to run? See what we can do. Let us help you look good in front of your clients.


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