Digital surveys: Extending brand engagement will increase loyalty!

Why run a digital survey?

Digital surveys are a great way to extend client engagement and brand memory. Once a promotion has finished and you have collected hundreds/thousands of user details (many of whom will have opted in to receive further information), a digital survey can be sent out to gain further knowledge about your customers.


How should a digital survey be implemented within a marketing strategy?

When brands run promotions, the focus is on the prize. Consumers want to get to the end of the process quickly and easily. Therefore we recommend only asking 3-4 marketing questions. When running a survey, the customer knows what is coming. Asking anything from 5-20 questions is perfectly reasonable and will have a relatively high response rate if a decent prize draw is added to the mix.

Run the initial promotion, get the ‘opt-ins’ needed and then a few months after the promotion has finished, run the survey.



  • Continue to engage with consumers who have agreed to receive information from you.
  • Gain valuable answers to further questions to help understand consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns.
  • Subconsciously direct consumers to buy your products in the future compared to a less communicative brand i.e. encourage customer loyalty.
  • Improve the ROI of a regular promotion by making use of the data collected.

It is still staggering how many promotions are run with very little value given to the data collected. It is often never used; begging the question of why a promotion was run in the first place… But that’s another story.


Running a successful survey through Vanilla Active is easy. If we have run a promotion for you, we already have the opt-in data and can seamlessly import this to our survey solutions.

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