Make your brand a WINNER on the web

It is a fact that there are potential customers waiting to be pitched the perfect deal online. A digital promotion lets you turn this scenario into sales.

Before running a promotion, make sure your business is ready for some attention online. Now is the time to Google yourself – and examine everything from your company website to your social media accounts and directory entries.

Satisfied with your search results? Let’s think about your promotion. No matter what style of business you run, there is a promotion to suit. Cold drinks companies may have holiday prize draws in summer, whilst cosmetic brands might offer a makeover to randomly selected followers on their social media accounts.

You can incentivise customers to buy your products by offering a digital coupon to redeem in store, or a promo code for online shopping – and now is the time to act, as UK shoppers’ appetite for vouchers is at an all-time high.

Your business is unique and your promotion can be too. The possibilities are plenty – for example integrating your promotion with a loyalty scheme, or including survey questions in your entry process that can help inform future marketing strategies.

No matter what type of business you run, there is a solid digital promotion ready to boost sales. Offer the right deal to the right audience at the right time and your business will be the one to win.

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