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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Business Networking is a great way to make connections, generate leads and pass referrals. But only if you keep track of the people that you meet and the businesses they run!

If you are new to a group and want to build up your network, or you are a seasoned networker with a bulging box of business cards that needs attention, read on.

We’ve developed the eLead Generator website, which offers networking group members their own personalised web page that contains a list of connections, indexed by profession. The page can be easily shared, and updated by an admin of the networking group.

See the concept in action at or visit


  • Minimal admin to keep members’ details up to date.
  • Your own personal web page for your contacts
  • A personal link that’s easily shared
  • Make personal introductions
  • Helps new members build their network

My networking group hands out leaflets of our members. Why is this different?

It is difficult, costly (and un-environmentally friendly!) to keep printed material up to date, what with members coming and going. By having a digital version of contacts, one administrator can update everybody’s page when needed, in a couple of clicks.


We use our own website to view the members in our group. What’s the difference?

You might be your networking group’s biggest fan – but your friends and family may not be convinced yet.  Your eLead Generator link is unique to you.  These are ‘your’ contacts, and the fact that they come from a networking group is of no interest to people looking for a specific professional e.g. a decorator.


How does it work?

Each member of the group receives a personal web link e.g. This link can be tweeted, put on email footers, shared among family and friends, printed on business cards and so on.  Every time a new member joins the group or someone leaves, this will be updated by a designated administrator e.g. group leader or secretary.


I’m a member of  BNI® . Does this go against the BNI® philosophy?

On the contrary, it focuses specifically on the BNI® format so you as a member are in control of passing the referral. Your web page displays the information about your chapter members but only gives them YOUR details so people who require a service will contact YOU, leaving you to pass on the referral.


Who is behind the eLead generator?

The eLead generator is brought to you by Neil Mandel, MD of Vanilla Active and a networker and BNI® member for over 7 years.

Neil had this idea when trying to drum up referrals for his fellow networkers. People asked him who was in his ‘breakfast group’ and he shared contacts from his cardholder. However, these cards would easily go out of date or get lost.

One day, a relative of his contacted one of the chapter members to give them work. It was only by chance that Neil found this out and could link the person with his referral, allowing him to pass a referral slip at the next meeting – not to mention receive a substantial thank you.

Neil then created a printed version of his idea for all members to fill in with their details and share with contacts. This was highly successful and brought in a large amount of business for his chapter (Bentley) members. But as time passed, the leaflet became outdated, reproduction costs continued and it was ‘an effort’ to bin the old leaflets and hand out new ones.

The eLead Generator concept was born. It meets the same need for a list of business and service contacts, but updates are carried out centrally and will automatically appear on each personal page.



Networking group members all lead hectic lives but still want to give and gain as much as we can. The eLead generator offers the most sophisticated way to keep group members’ details up to date, and easily share them with friends and family.

For further enquiries contact Neil on 0208 736 5628 or email



Please note, this concept is not a BNI® product and has not been endorsed by BNI®.

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