Save our Vanilla Yellow

Has anybody heard of the Pantone system? For those who haven’t, it’s a designer’s way of identifying colours  – a Colour Bible, if you will.  Designers have relied on Pantone for years and years, to ensure consistent colour. If you have a big branding project, the colour on the logo must be the same as on the packaging, the signage, the uniform and so on.

One of the newest Pantone colours is ‘Minion Yellow’, named after the delightful cartoon characters illustrated above.  A nice idea if you want your bedroom walls painted the exact shade of the Minions but a bit of a problem if you’re a rival brand interested in that exact shade.

Within the Pantone universe, certain colours have been claimed for commercial means – take Coca-Cola red and T-Mobile magenta to name just two. These companies can (and do) sue if they believe another company is using their shade. (T-Mobile took AT&T’s Aio Wireless to court to get the company to change its logo to another type of magenta).

According to Pantone, ‘Minion Yellow’ is the first instance of a colour being exclusively assigned to promote a film. We’re just grateful that the Minions skin tone falls just short of our Vanilla yellow, which of course, is a much more beautiful shade.

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