There is Life After the Live Date

Running a digital promotion without a supporting marketing strategy is like hosting a party without sending invitations. There are a number of ways to attract attention to your promotion, and they needn’t in themselves be digital. Perhaps you are running a radio or TV ad, printing billboards or hosting a publicity event that people will talk about.

Your own website is a key opportunity to advertise, as are your social media platforms. Whereas Facebook might be used to give some background to the competition and post images, Twitter is appropriate for quick updates, reminders and announcing winners. Check which posts are reaching your target audience and focus your energies here.

Visual material is powerful and video even more so. It is worth spending time preparing high quality images of your products and prizes. Prepare the ground by releasing ‘snippets’ of this material in the lead up to the promotion going live, and encourage key bloggers to write, post, tweet and vlog about your campaign. Since 42% of customers look to blogs for information about brands, a mention on a high-traffic blog will reap rewards.

If you’ve put the work in to create a fantastic promotion your consumers will love, then the ‘live’ date can’t become the ‘stop’ date.  Prepare, promote, analyse and promote again.

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