Thinking outside the (branded promotional) box

We all understand the premise of a digital promotion. The promoter offers an incentive to the consumer to select a particular brand, purchase a product, visit the promotional website, and give personal details in exchange for the chance of winning a prize.

But what will grab the attention of the consumer, and make them want to engage with the promotion over and over again?

1) Make it fun

Whatever the mechanism of your promotion, you can make the process more exciting for your consumers by introducing an element of choice that is relevant to your brand – for example, ask the consumer to select which door your brand mascot is hiding behind, which box contains a special product, or which way the character should turn to reach their destination.

2) Make it challenging

Where on-pack are your codes to be printed? Does the consumer have to solve a puzzle or search an image on the wrapper to find it? Bear in mind to balance the level of challenge with the value of the prize.

3) Make it seasonal

Tap into the seasonal spirit by making your promotion relevant to the time of year. This could be as simple as offering a holiday prize in summer, or inventing a seasonal hashtag such as #SnackBrandSummer that encourages users to share their holiday snaps or plans in relation to the brand.

Did you know…
• Digital marketing spend is forecasted to increase to 35% of total budgets by 2016.
• Almost 90% of shoppers are using technology to help them shop.
• 58% of consumers share positive brand experiences
• Women are more likely to visit brand pages on social media than men

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