‘Tis the season to be tweeted

So the headline is misleading somewhat but I’m running out of time before we close our office to come up with a clever Christmas analogy relating to twitter. Answers on a postcard. ‘Tis not only this season that you will be tweeted, it is every season and tweets are increasing year on year. Twitter is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Why? Because your competitors are using it. In this day and age advertising your products or services in printed adverts, hoping someone sees it, is not as successful as it once was. The world is moving at a faster rate and you need to put information in front of people, hope they bite the bate and pull them in.


It sounds selfish but it is not. Businesses should post helpful tips linking to articles and videos that are related to their products or services. This content should not be advertising the company, but instead it should be providing useful content to consumers. By offering useful free information you put your brand in their minds. Plus they will share the content. For example, through Facebook this will be by ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’ and with Twitter, it will be by ‘retweeting’. (More of that later).


So what do we write in a tweet? Well firstly get over the fact that some people tweet that they have just caught up with the latest Eastenders episode… which is fine for those that are tweeting their friends and family. Understand that twitter can be used by many people for different reasons.


However our focus is business. Don’t let the personal nature of twitter give you the impression that it is not a serious marketing tool to generate more interest for you and your business.


So here are some tips:


– Offer a range of relevant content that will engage people and spark interest.


– Define who you are targeting and focus your content on them. Depending on the size and character of your business depends on the style you wish to write in. Large corporates will want a factual no nonesense feel to the tweets whereas small business might go with the personal touch to show the character of the person tweeting… without going too far.


– Remember people buy from people they trust. Interacting with people, offering information and advice builds that relationship and turns it into business.


– Build your messages to communicate your brand.


– Follow key businesses and magazines within your industry. They may not follow you back but at least it gives them the opportunity which they didn’t have before.


– Try to limit following those that aren’t relevant otherwise when scanning tweets you’ll have more info that you aren’t interested in rather than content you are. Focus on getting followed by industry relevant businesses. There is no benefit to having 500k of followers of which 90% will have no interest in your services.


– Make your tweet interesting. Hash tags (#) help your tweet become more visible as others who have used the same hash tag will see your tweet. However don’t over do it and make your tweet disjointed and unpleasant to read otherwise again it looks like a cheap shot at pushing your services.


– Politely ask people to ‘RT’. (retweet) but make sure it is worthy of retweeting first. If it is, then you open yourself up to more potential customers.


Act in a structured way like you would with the rest of your business, structure your twitter marketing, focus on the target audience and soon you will be increasing your business awareness to potential customers and increasing sales.


Finally, don’t forget to add a twitter feed to your home page on your web site. It will mean your web site displays up to the minute content without editing the site itself.

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