‘Tis the season to reflect

Christmas is a wonderful time for us all escape from the daily madness of a 9-5 or 8-6 business.


Many businesses close for 2 weeks allowing bosses and staff members a chance to recharge the batteries.


The increase in remote working encourages workers to ‘do’ a few hours at home just to catch up.


Alternatively if staff are in the office, while the phone isn’t constantly ringing, they can catch up on paperwork and other bits and pieces and find it quite pleasant to work shorter days.


Whether in the office or at home, some businesses spend this time setting their goals for the following year which is crucial for any business. However, part of that process should be reflecting on what has been achieved in the year gone by and how we would do things differently. The saying that I hear a lot at this time of year is ‘in hindsight…’ when marketing departments reflect about the year that has just flashed before their eyes.


So what should marketers do in a period of reflection?


Start off by looking back at the campaigns that have been run. How have they performed? Did they  achieve their objectives? Did they capture the right information from customers? Did they complement the brand messaging? Some of these can be difficult to monitor but they are vital to any future promotions. So if you haven’t been able to analyse the campaign properly, make sure the correct reporting is built into any campaign so this time next year, you have all the answers.


The campaign itself may look good and work well but did it have the supporting role of social media, printed literature and other marketing material to attract the required wider audience?


A marketing pro should be able to set key performance indicators and at the end of a promotion, analyse the results before diving into version 2. Its not rocket science, but there is a science to it. Just take time to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t and simply address those ‘in hindsight’ moments.

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