Predicting web trends for 2014

So FIFA 14 came out in September as well as many other games for 2014. But it was only September I hear you say!!! Why do they and all other companies do this? Basically it makes the product and service fit for the future and not out of date within a couple of months. So lets use that philosophy for the web to see what trends there will be in 2014. If you start planning now, when the cold mornings of January and February kick in, you’ll be buoyed on by launching a brand new ‘cutting edge’ web site.

So what is the next big thing? If you are redesigning and investing in a new web site, you may as well push the boundaries, have something cutting edge… But what should you look to do? Well here are our thoughts for 2014.

  1. Single Page web sites.

Parallax web scrolling technique are still flying out the creative brains. Faster internet connections is reducing the time the complete site needs to initially load. Although some still take a while but are certainly worth the wait. Just check this out.

However the effect can be more subtle and the 1-pager helps engage the viewer with slick animated effects.

  1. The beautiful font

Designers uni days were spent choosing and creating beautiful fonts. The web killed it somewhat with a lack of fonts in browsers that could be used to express an emotion or a brand. A nice font had to be embedded within a graphic which then killed search engine optimisation.

But now we have that big company to help out. Google. There are hundreds of Google fonts to choose from so we can pick cool, traditional or creative fonts that compliment a brand. Using Google fonts, you can now have your content searchable and it can be viewed on all modern browsers. We’ve fallen in love with fonts again!

  1. Simple is best

Who remembers all those years ago when you can simply add drop shadows and bubble effects and cool depth to graphics? Well like with any fashion, that is now a thing of the past and ‘so pre-2011’! The trend setter that is Apple has confirmed this trend of flat bright colours and simple layouts dominating the web with their latest operating system ios7. Trust me, for a new trendy web site, there won’t be an embossed effect in site.

  1. WordPress

We go on about WordPress but it’s popularity is only going one way. More and more companies are turning to a true Content Managed System (CMS) to keep their ongoing costs down while having the ability to add content as and when they want.

  1. Infographics

Info graphics are graphic representations of information. Users are scanning information now and simply not reading pages of information. By adding info graphics to your content, potential customers ‘get’ what you are saying quickly and are more likely to engage in your services.


The web is moving fast. If your site is 2-3 years old, in 2014 it will look like a 1990 Honda… still going but looking a bit worse for wear. Get the ball rolling now or you’ll be looking for 2015 style guides before you know it.