What makes a loyalty scheme successful?

Loyalty or reward schemes are becoming more popular each year. Participation in loyalty programs is up 19% since 2007 and a recent survey claimed that 96% of UK consumers are currently a member of a scheme.


Key factors that put consumers off joining a reward scheme include:

– improbable rewards (28%)

– unrealistic points expiry deadlines (20%),

– receiving too much communication (18%).


Our advice – keep it simple.


We have stumbled across so many loyalty schemes that confuse the consumer and ultimately put them off. If the consumer doesn’t understand the promotion straight away, they won’t hang around. Our advice is to keep it simple. Offer a great joining incentive as well as continued rewards and your scheme will make new customers feel wanted while incentivising existing customers to stay.



Do your research. Going blind into a loyalty scheme will end in tears. Most companies have consumer data already and they need to work out what will incentivise the customer to keep buying their product compared to the one on the next shelf. Make the rewards something they actually want.


Free publicity

For any business, customer retention is one of the most important factors to keep the business growing. Get it right and your loyal customers will continue to buy and will act as ambassadors to your brand via social media. Today everyone wants to share rewards they have claimed and how they did it. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, offer the right incentive and your appreciation to your customers will be shared globally free of charge.

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