Why ‘good enough’ is no longer good enough for your website

Websites have long been seen as vital to any marketing plan, rather than a luxury. With the evolution of smartphone and tablet, people want information immediately, and your website has to deliver.  Whether your site has five pages or one hundred, it’s your ultimate ‘shop window’ and, given that you only have about 10 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, it needs to be spot-on.


Your potential customers will make decisions about your business based on what your website looks like.  The better you can reflect your message through design and content, the more effective your website will be.  Given that online marketing such as social media or pay-per-click ultimately aims to drive traffic to your website, if your site isn’t good enough to convert those visitors then you’re missing a trick.  Most importantly, your website needs to deliver what people are looking for it to do.  Developed and planned properly as part of a marketing strategy, with the right ‘call to action’, it will add value and provide you with a good return on investment (ROI).


Get it right and any investment made in your website will be money well spent.


Not convinced? Here are some stats that might surprise you!


It takes 0.1 seconds to form an impression of a stranger based on their face, but just 0.05 to judge a website

75% of us will judge a company’s credibility by its website design

86.6% of businesses cite websites as their most important digital marketing tactic


Vanilla Active produce usability reports to help companies understand where their existing website sits and what can be done to improve it. We evaluate your existing site and rate each aspect including mobile and tablet friendly design, clarity of navigation and search engine optimisation results. For more information, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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