Why is video vital to marketing?

The presence of video content in our lives is increasing, as most of us have instant access to create and share videos from out phones. The cost in time and money of making videos, even professional ones, is minimal compared to what it has been in the past.


Short sharp videos are now dominating the web and making people listen. Below are some compelling reasons for businesses to embrace the trend.



The key to marketing is making your product or service visible to anyone who could be interested. You may be targeting a specific sector or sharing information more broadly in order to attract a wider audience.

Not only is it easy to create video content but to share it. The popularity of Vine and Instagram for posting video content continues to grow. Not forgetting the king of video – YouTube. YouTube has over 1bn unique users and is the second biggest search engine in the world. Posting your videos here is advisable for this reason alone.



The videos you create are going on your website, which is benefitting your brand. By uploading the same videos to YouTube at no extra cost, you can reach an audience who might not visit your website directly.

Google loves new and rich media content and often prioritises YouTube video results. It is highly feasible that a potential customer might view your video as a result of a Google search and subsequently visit your website.



The 2013 video marketing trends report found that 93% of marketing professionals used online video in their strategies, with even more implementing it in 2014. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you’ll have to ‘go video’… they are.

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